Thoughts from Sam: Once again, Steve Pearce proves that he is one of the worst members of Congress

“Kooks are in charge of our government. You all can recognize a kook, but the media seems to not understand…” Congressman Steve Pearce

pearce-3Don’t worry Congressman—we know who’s in charge and so do your constituents.  Once again, Steve Pearce proves that he is one of the worst members of Congress, who does absolutely nothing to help the thousands of poor and middle class residents he routinely ignores after lecturing them about being lazy and not interested in finding a job.

When is Congressman Pearce going to reimburse taxpayers the $19,525 he charged for 1 airline ticket?  This hypocritical, pretend “fiscal conservative” arrogantly refuses to apologize or to reimburse hard working taxpayers for charging this wasteful and unnecessary expense.  It’s been 257 days and counting, Congressman.

Recent votes against New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District:
CONGRESSMAN PEARCE VOTES TO LET STUDENTS DOWN−AGAIN: On July 19, instead of working on bills to create jobs, Steve Pearce and House Republicans passed H.R 5 , the “Letting Students Down Act,” an extremely partisan measure that would gut education funding by billions of dollars and undermine our students’ ability to compete globally for jobs.
CONGRESSMAN PEARCE WASTES TAX DOLLARS ON MEANINGLESS VOTES TO REPEAL OBAMACARE, WHILE WORKING TO BLOCK JOBS AND IMMIGRATION REFORM BILLS: On July 17, 2013 Steve Pearce voted for  H.R. 2667 and  H.R. 2668, to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act, for the 38th time, while Immigration Reform is still not passed, and while joining his fellow Republicans in blocking a jobs bill.
CONGRESSMAN PEARCE VOTES AGAINST NUTRITION SUPPORT AND FOODSTAMPS FOR NEW MEXICANS: On July 11, 2013 Steve Pearce voted for the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act (H.R. 2642), a partisan farm bill which passed the House by a margin of 216-208 without a single Democratic vote. The Bill completely eliminated important provisions authorizing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other nutrition programs, nutritional support that nearly one in five New Mexicans rely on.

These votes speak for themselves and the world of Steve Pearce.  If that wasn’t bad enough, read through the House Republican playbook sent to him for “things to do” during the August recess:

Recommended “issue tours” include:

  • An Energy Production Facility Tour — “wear a hard hat”
  • A Gas and Groceries Tour — “wear clothes in which you feel comfortable doing ‘hands-on’  work”
  • A Higher Education Tour — don’t forget to wear the school’s colors or team gear
  • A Senior Center Tour — be sure to identify the best time to visit with “built-in crowds”

Is this a joke?  Mr. Pearce loves to play “show and tell,” then votes against the interests of his constituents and never, ever proposes one piece of legislation that would help or benefit New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District.  Driving around and around southern New Mexico for smiling photo ops is another meaningless ploy by Congressman Pearce to “show” understanding and support.

Help DPNM build the future without Steve Pearce and wasteful, do-nothing Republicans.

Our kids depend on it!