The Republicans No-Jobs Agenda

On Face the Nation, this past weekend, Speaker John Boehner was asked about his record of presiding over the least productive and least popular Congress in history. He responded by defending the obstructionist policies of far-right Republicans and said that Congress should be, “judged on how many laws we repeal.”

It’s just embarrassing. Within hours of his interview, Boehner’s remarks were making headlines across the country—and even overseas. We elected our members of Congress to work on the issues we care about: creating jobs, fixing our immigration system, fighting climate change, and passing laws to reduce gun violence. We didn’t put them in office to sit there and wind back the clock.

If you ever had any doubts, this confirms it — Republicans would rather obstruct than govern. The best way to stop them is to vote them out of office.


Congress Has Passed 13 Laws This Year—None of Them Have to Do With Jobs

Despite Boehner’s Rhetoric About Jobs, Not One of the Bills That the House Has Approved “Have Been Focused on Employment.” “In the six months and four days since the 113th Congress began, it has passed 13 laws. And, despite lawmakers constantly beating the drum on boosting jobs, none of the new measures have been focused on employment.” National Journal6/07/13

The Least Productive Congress Ever 

113th Congress “Is The Least Productive Congress Ever.” “So, how does this House stack up against past years when it comes to productivity? Not so well, according to the new Vital Statistics on Congress, which shows that the 112th Congress passed just 561 bills, the lowest number since they began keeping these stats way back in 1947.” Washington Post7/17/13

 U.S. Congress Approval Remains Dismal 

Gallup: Nearly 80 Percent of Americans Disapprove of Congress. “Americans remain down on Congress, with 15% approving and 78% disapproving of the job it is doing. This approval rating is similar to the low levels seen this year, and is five percentage points above the all-time low of 10%, last recorded in August 2012.” Gallup7/17/13]