NM Dems: Trusting Women to make Personal Decisions about Ending a Pregnancy with their Doctors, Families, and Faith

The Democratic Party of New Mexico is ready to build a future for all men and women based on full civil rights guarantees, which include making personal decisions about abortion. Decisions about whether to end a pregnancy should be between a woman and her doctor, guided by her faith. Governor Martinez and the New Mexico Republican Party share a different view.  While repeatedly promoting a policy of “less government” they subscribe to a radical vision that promotes more government in our personal lives.  Their policy only applies to certain issues, and certain people.

At the top of their list is the ongoing assault on women, which provides a major contrast between the two political parties.  Democrats believe that a woman’s decision to end a pregnancy should be made only between a woman and her doctor, guided by her faith.  These are deeply personal and often complex decisions that need to be made by women and their families, not by out of touch politicians or out-of-state groups.

New Mexico Republicans share different views and different philosophies that think government should intrude in a family decision as a matter of law.  They want to use government to force their personal views on anyone and everyone, even using criminal prosecution against women and their doctors to enforce these anti-family laws.  Across the country in states that Republicans control are countless bills and regulations that seek to outlaw access to abortions.  These attempts are meant to chip away and erode existing laws that were put in place to give women and their families’ privacy and protection when faced with an important decision.

Plain and simply, the restrictions they place on a woman’s right to make decisions for herself is discrimination.  The Democratic Party of New Mexico respects women and trusts that women are more than capable of making these important decisions without government intrusion.

We live in a unique state that blends many cultures and peoples together, so that all may prosper, make their own decisions and live free of discrimination.  That’s part of the American dream.

Join DPNM and help us build the future, free of discrimination and with renewed respect for women and all New Mexicans that seek a better life for their families and their kids.


Sam Bregman is the State Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.