Why Does Governor Martinez Think New Mexico Taxpayers Should Pay For Her Husband’s Vacation?

It’s not enough that New Mexico ranks 50th in the well being of children or first in the nation for child hunger and second for adults.  Or that Governor Martinez is ranked last in the nation for job creation has no plan for the drought or a vision/plan for anything.

Once again, she has broken a campaign promise to provide full transparency throughout her administration. Transparency does not apply if you are her husband or anyone else she chooses.

6 questions NM taxpayers want to know:

  1. When is Governor Martinez going reimburse NM taxpayers the $3,375 state police racked up on vacation and charged state government?
  2. Why does Mr. Franco, as a law enforcement officer who carries a badge, need an armed, paid entourage of state police for “protection” while hunting in Louisiana?
  3. Did Governor Martinez approve this trip or was it done behind her back?
  4. If you have nothing to hide, why won’t you release all records of this taxpayer funded vacation?
  5. Why is the state police chief resigning in the middle of all of this?
  6. Governor Martinez, did you thoroughly research the alligator permits used on this trip and were they used in exchange for elk permits in New Mexico?  If so, who was the individual that originally owned these permits and were they connected to the Dirty Downs scandal?

Call Governor Martinez: (505) 476-2200 and demand that she reimburse NM taxpayers the $3,375 that taxpayers were charged for her husband’s vacation.  If she refuses, ask if state police could accompany you on your next vacation.  Make sure and give your vacation dates.

Governor, we’re waiting for your response.  It’s been 681 days and the clock keeps ticking.