New Mexico Democrats: Leadership To Build The Future

New Mexico is hurting—we have a Governor that assigns blame to everyone but herself and then takes revenge on poor and middle class New Mexicans.  She employs vindictive, un-qualified right wing conservatives that refuse to take responsibility, despise their jobs, their agencies and the role of government. The latest attack centers on 15 New Mexico nonprofits that provide services to the mentally ill and those suffering from addictions.  Funds were abruptly cut with no notice, no concern and no compassion.  Proving that Governor Martinez’s administration will do anything to outsource jobs, the NM Human Services Department is in the process of hiring 5 Arizona companies to be “on standby” to provide these services.  The 15 NM companies may shut down. Nice work, Governor.

logoDown south, we have one of the country’s worst members of Congress−Steve Pearce.  He belittles un-employed New Mexicans searching for jobs, thinks anyone getting government assistance should be drug tested, lectures his constituents about their personal spending habits and then charges taxpayers $19, 525 for 1 airline ticket for a trip that wasn’t necessary−except to him and his political consultants. Why won’t he reimburse taxpayers for this excessive and extravagant ticket?  At the same time, Mr. Pearce votes for a farm bill that cuts food stamps by over 20 billion dollars—the worst cuts to this program in 50 years. Again, no concern, no compassion—that’s it, you’re on your own.  Nice job, Congressman.

These two actions illustrate perfectly the total disregard NM Republicans have for poor and middle class New Mexicans that struggle every day, month after month to survive, in order to make a life for themselves and their children.

Meanwhile, there are no jobs, our citizens are fleeing the state in droves, and we are number 50 in the wellbeing of children, number 1 in child hunger, number 2 in adult hunger and a Governor that can’t/won’t propose a drought plan or provide any vision on anything.

Recently, there appeared an article in the ABQ Journal that discussed the feeling of helplessness that many believe is affecting New Mexico.  Make no mistake-we have serious problems as well as serious challenges but Democrats do not believe in being helpless about anything.

The Democratic Party of New Mexico is strong, alive and ready to step up and provide leadership in three critical areas: jobs, education and health care. More importantly, Democrats are ready to lead in all counties and all regions of New Mexico, to provide the leadership that Republicans have failed in so miserably these past 30 months. Governor Martinez is the worst Governor in New Mexico history.

The only deficit our state faces is one of leadership.  We are the party of hope and ready to build the future, today, tomorrow and in the decades to come.  In the fall we will host a New Mexico Jobs Summit to address this crisis and offer solutions with our partners—labor, business and Democratic legislators.  Later, we will hold an education forum with teachers, parents and students to ensure that Democrats remain at the forefront of providing the best education policies and programs in the United States for our kids.

We need your help, your ideas and your solutions.  There is nothing in New Mexico that we can’t fix with strong leadership and good, common sense solutions.

I have hope and believe our best days are yet to come.  The Democratic Party of New Mexico is hard working, committed and ready to build the future.

Today—right now.