241 Days and Counting Since ‘Globetrotting’ Steve Pearce Charged Taxpayers $19,525 for One International Airline Ticket

Congressman stubbornly refuses to reimburse taxpayers
for extravagant and costly ticket

“Get yourselves efficient,” Pearce advised New Mexico federal  workers in January. “… I encourage the people in New Mexico to lead by example. Tighten your own belt and you’ll find yourself a winner as these cuts happen.”

It’s been 240 days, and counting, since Congressman Steve Pearce charged taxpayers $19,525 for 1 airline ticket to Egypt.  This trip occurred just days after his re-election, calling in to question if he felt entitled to this expensive and unnecessary trip, as part of his “victory.” He failed to question whether this excessive ticket price justified a trip at that time or any time. If he absolutely had to make this overseas trip, it should have been paid for with his own funds.

pearce-3This self-appointed fiscal watch dog for taxpayers didn’t bother to question the cost and seems clueless about reasonable costs for international travel.  Repeated excuses from Mr. Pearce’s office that “it was within a 2 week window” and that “he didn’t know the cost of the trip” reveal a typical Washington, DC mindset that just doesn’t get it and is ready to “charge” any expense to
taxpayers that they think is justified.  Proving that Congressman Pearce will say and make up anything for damage control, several members of the press priced out the same trip from Hobbs to Egypt on the same day of the week and found tickets at under $2500 and about $1300 from Washington DC.  Is he too busy to perform his job duties or just plain stupid?

5 questions for Congressman Pearce:

  1. What were the benefits of this trip for NM taxpayers?
  2. Press reports show that you flew Business Class—why not 1st class for this outrageous ticket price?
  3. What special funds do you have access to in order to purchase this expensive ticket?
  4. How do you explain to the average constituent in the 2nd Congressional District of New Mexico that this is a “fair” price for a ticket and that it was critical you be in Egypt, on that day and at that time?
  5. When will you be reimbursing taxpayers the $19,525 for this unreasonable expense?

Congressman Pearce repeatedly warns of Washington’s “spending problem.”  It’s clear Mr. Pearce has his own “spending problem,” is indifferent to the lives of his constituents and incapable of providing any type of leadership that would make change and provide assistance to the poor and middle class constituents of New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District.

How many days will it take Steve Pearce to pay back New Mexico taxpayers $19,525 for 1 airline ticket?