Steve Pearce: ‘Lead by Example’ Charges Taxpayers $19,525 for One Airline Ticket

“Get yourselves efficient,” Pearce advised New Mexico federal workers in January amid a congressional fight on sequestration budget cuts that have since taken effect. “… I encourage the people in New Mexico to lead by example. Tighten your own belt and you’ll find yourself a winner as these cuts happen.”

pearce-3Once again, Steve Pearce doesn’t get it. It’s okay to charge taxpayers $19,525 for 1 airline ticket to Egypt. His excuse? It was booked with less than 2 weeks notice and he didn’t know the cost of the trip.

But he’s the first one to lecture about wasteful government spending. He is a US Congressman, which makes him the government.

Instead of standing up and admitting he made a mistake and reimbursing taxpayers for his indifference and carelessness, Congressman Pearce makes one excuse after another.

Is that what he means “to lead by example?”