DPNM Chair Sam Bregman: Is There Anything Mayor Berry Won’t Say To Win?

Yesterday, Mayor Berry released a statement claiming Albuquerque has a recovering economy, safe neighborhoods and responsible leadership.

Mayor Berry is clearly removed from day-to-day events that occur in Albuquerque. He has failed to create one single job and the thousands of residents that have moved out of New Mexico attest to that, month after month. The Albuquerque metro area is the worst in the nation for job loss. The U.S. Justice Department is investigating APD for numerous civil rights violations, serious crime is up and neighborhoods are less safe. He is a leaderless failure. Does he ever leave his office at City Hall?

After ignoring the multiple crises affecting the Albuquerque Police Department, new information emerges showing increases in murder, rapes as well as property crime- robbery, burglary and larceny-theft. Is anybody in charge?

He pretends to make campaign appearances with “voters” yet his only public appearance is before an extremist tea-party group. No leadership, no accomplishments except providing more for his wealthy Republican friends and shoving the poor and middle class under one of his speeding buses.

Mayor Berry, disconnected from Albuquerque voters, seeks four more years to do the same thing he’s done the last four years—wave goodbye to more residents that can’t get a job or provide economic security to their kids. Then make excuses, promise “anything” to voters and hide out in City Hall.

Is there anything Mayor Berry won’t say or do to win?