Are Our Kids Better Off Now Than When Governor Martinez Took Office?

Are our kids better off now than when Governor Martinez took office? The answer is a resounding no. A new report, just issued by the Annie E. Casey Foundation in Baltimore, found New Mexico 50th,for the first time and in last place among all states for the well-being of children.

susana-martinezIn each of the measured categories: economic well-being, health, education, family and community support of children, New Mexico came in at number 49 and when all categories were totaled—last place. We traded places with Mississippi, which was 50th last year, moving to 49th this year.

This catastrophic situation has continued to worsen each year. Governor Martinez has ignored all categories since assuming office, ensuring that incompetent political hacks be placed in senior positions within state agencies they despise.

In addition, this Governor has failed to create one single job, adding to the financial and emotional stress of our most vulnerable citizens. Perhaps her biggest failure is refusing to admit there even is a problem. A problem she has made worse, by inaction, ineptitude and not bothering or caring to fix for our kids and future generations. This crisis demands vision and a ‘big picture’ call to action.

Where is the leadership from the Governor of New Mexico?

Here is Governor Martinez’s record for the first 29 months of her term:

  • Number 1 in child hunger
  • Number 2 in adult hunger
  • 50th, last place in nation for economic well-being, health, education, family and community support of children
  • Zero jobs created

Once again, the Governor’s response is more photo-ops, with balloons, reading books to children, which is hard to listen to when you’re hungry and worried because your parents have no job or health care. Then she departs to anywhere outside of New Mexico, to raise $100,000+ for her re-election from wealthy, selfish Republicans looking for “what’s in it for me” instead of “what can we do to help our children.”

Enough is enough. It’s time for Democrats to stand united and committed to defeating her re-election bid in 2014.

Our children depend on it.