Building the Future


We’re on our way to building the future of New Mexico. Our new logo, social media, and web presence are key parts of what is in store for that future, as we reach out to Democrats and all voters in our state, in our counties, and our local communities.

  • Relocated to new, professional office space
  • Set-up new procedures to provide round-the-clock support for County Chairs and all NM Democrats
  • Comprehensive fundraising underway
  • Securing top-of-the-line technology to help candidates and our County parties build for the future
  • Establishing constituent services
  • Rapid response team to counter Republican lies
  • Held three regional forums in central, southern and northern New Mexico
  • Held a statewide gubernatorial forum with all five primary candidates
  • Target local races where the Democratic Party can make a difference
  • Ensure that VoteBuilder remains fully functional
  • Organized labor rapid response network
  • Commenced legislative outreach to state legislature, county commissioners and local officials
  • DPNM Legislative Director confirmed to attend upcoming Legislative Finance Meetings in Santa Fe

We’re working to build the best state Democratic Party in the United States. Please join us.