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DPNM Chair Sam Bregman

DPNM Chair Sam Bregman

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Recent Comments:

A comment:

I am a Republican and a soon as I have time I will be changing my registration.

This entire experience as a Mental Health Center, who had excellent audits for decades, has been disrespectful and unprofessional. I understand why citizens do not want to participate in elections or anything that involves the political system. I have been a loyal Republican for decades and I am through.

The State chose not to communicate with the community mental health centers, staff , out of loyalty and commitment to clients, worked for weeks without the knowledge if they would be paid. Lack of communication has been damaging , we have lost several excellent staff members. As we loose staff we increasingly have more severely mentally ill to care for. If the State really cared about clients, they would have communicated what was going on to assure staff did not feel they would loose their jobs.

Chairman Bregman responds:

Thank you so much for your recent comment. Unfortunately, Governor Martinez and her administration have shown a complete lack of interest or understanding for the 30,000 + New Mexicans that are affected by these closures and outsourcing to Arizona companies. DPNM is seeing more and more Republican women switching their party registration as Republicans disregard and ignore issues of importance to women, families and our most vulnerable citizens. Saying ‘no’ to everything has made the Republican Party one of angry extremists.

Welcome to the Democratic Party of New Mexico–we’re building the future for you and all New Mexicans!