A Special Thought from Sam–DPNM Celebrates Gay Pride Month

DPNM endorses and supports national gay pride month in New Mexico. The month of June was chosen to commemorate the riots at the Stonewall Inn in New York that sparked the modern gay rights movement. Many pride events are scheduled during June to celebrate the impact and many achievements that LGBTQ individuals have made to our country and our world.

Events that took place in June 1969 changed lives and brought forth an entire movement that would initiate the struggle for full civil rights for LGBTQ Americans. This was a defining moment in American history and like all struggles for equality, continues to grow, gaining acceptance until we are able to overcome the prejudice and homophobia that exist within our society. The DPNM is proud to support all men and women seeking their full civil rights not just in New Mexico but in all 50 states.

Efforts are underway throughout our communities and around the U.S to not only turn back the clock and ban gay rights but also to restrict women’s health care choices, encourage voter suppression efforts against minorities and block any type of meaningful immigration reform.  These efforts will fail.

Unfortunately, Governor Martinez opposes marriage equality and civil rights for gay, lesbian and transgendered New Mexicans. This corresponds to the national Republican Party’s open hostility to civil rights guarantees for minority groups that seek inclusion and acceptance in American society.

Next year we have the opportunity to create change and fire Governor Martinez and her allies, promoting and electing Democrats from the bottom to the top in all 33 counties.

This weekend I was honored to visit Santa Fe Pride, joining hundreds and hundreds of men and women, proud to stand up and celebrate their heritage and diversity.  There are two main political parties in this country and only one is represented and in attendance at Gay Pride events—The Democratic Party.  This is our job and our mission: to help men and women fighting the struggle for respect and dignity, that play by the rules and want only their slice of the American dream.

Help us build the future not just in 2014 but right now.