Thoughts from DPNM State Chair Sam Bregman: Gov. Martinez and the Drought

sam_bregman_028New Mexico is burning up with one fire after another, as we deal with the worst drought in over 50 years.  Conditions are expected to get worse—hotter temperatures and less rain.  Water levels are decreasing and it’s clear we need to have a plan of action. In the town of Magdalena the well has literally run out of water, and the town has to ration water to citizens, “An eye opener!” “People need to pay attention!” say residents.

Usually, this plan of action would come from the Governor.  Governor Martinez proves once again that she is a leaderless failure.  Where is the ‘big vision’ plan to combat the drought and initiate a comprehensive water conservation program for local and county governments?

Leadership, never a high priority for this Governor, presents a pro-active policy bringing all participants together to offer solutions and prepare for the future.

We have a leader in New Mexico that responds to a problem and takes action, Senator Tom Udall.  He recently authored an op-ed that appeared in state newspapers on water and drought that proposes a plan of action between all stakeholders in New Mexico.  Last August he co-hosted the 57th Annual New Mexico Water Conference at NMSU in Las Cruces.  This ground breaking report contains over 40 proposed actions to combat the water and drought challenges facing New Mexico as well as another 40 recommendations from audience members.  The report can be found on his website,

This is what leaders do—recognition that a problem exists, and then bringing together all the participants to address and present a plan of action.  Governor Martinez appoints partisan hacks to high paying jobs in agencies they hate, travels all over the U.S to deny she is running for President in 2016, while New Mexicans wait and wait for a Governor to take charge and present a plan to deal with the worst drought in 50 years and declining water supplies.  Does she even care?

Pro-active Democrats like Senator Udall are making a difference every day for the people of New Mexico.

We are ready to build the future.

**Links:  NM Legislature–Interim Water and Natural Resources Committee

Interim Drought Subcommittee