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During the past 16 months, DPNM has made progress on a number of fronts–progress that has made our state party stronger and more efficient.

Here is an update:

Relocation to a New, Improved, Professional Office Space

Rapid Response Team to challenge Gov. Martinez and Republican lies —initiated and fully operational. Rapid response effective, ongoing and on target.

Three Regional State Meetings were held by April 2014

CD 3—December 2013

CD2—November 2013

CD 1(pre-primary)—March 2014

Two DPNM Forums Held: Jobs and Education–Albuquerque and Las Cruces—2013

First DPNM Gubernatorial Forum Held—All Five Candidates Appeared; Tribute Dinner Held for Senator Jeff Bingaman—May 2014

Successful June 3 Primary Event Held in Albuquerque—Over 500 Attended to Celebrate Democratic Victory Night

Invitations for Isotope Games Extended to County Chairs by CD

DPNM Victory Night Celebration Party to be Held in Albuquerque on November 4, 2014

Analyze all Local and Municipal Races Where State Party Can Target and Make a Difference—2014 DPNM target races identified and selected.

‘Chairman on Your Corner’ Constituent Service Established—initiated on first day and performed every day. DPNM Chairman and staff answer and respond to any issue, problem or concern by New Mexico Democrats. Also, “Ask the Chairman” feature begun on DPNM website, offering full communication and transparency.

New DPNM logo, website and revitalized DPNM’s Facebook and Twitter sites established with fresh, daily content. Increased social media contacts 100%.

Our priority is that you be kept informed and up-to-date on all issues important to Democrats!

As always, we welcome your ideas, comments and questions on making DPNM the best state party in the United States!

Thanks to the outpouring of support from thousands of New Mexico Democrats, DPNM is building a better future—for you and all New Mexicans.


With appreciation and thanks,

Sam and Kathy

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View all of the DPNM SCC Photos On Flickr!